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Dr Brett Dellar

Inspire. Empower. Change Lives.

It's time to open up the discussions about depression and mental illness.
It's time to erase the stigma surrounding depression and mental health.
It's time for men to drop their "ManMasks". 
It's time to be vulnerable.
It's time to heal.

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About Me

Keynote Speaker
Life Mentor/Coach
Health and Wellness Advocate

I have worked in the health industry as a Chiropractor since 2003. I am a qualified life coach. I studied extensively in the personal development field which stemmed from my own journey having suffered from depression for nearly 30 years (and was able to come through the other side).

I understand how and why men struggle...I've been there.

I share my story and life lessons to help others with their struggles.

I have a passion to inspire and empower others to take that next step to change their future.

As a result I founded "The moMENtum Revolution", an organization designed specifically to help Men with online programs and 1 Day workshops and 2.5 Day boot camps. 

As a Life Coach I will help guide you through the issues, provide the tools to assist you on a daily basis and of you towards a new and exciting future.


Here's whats available!

Sharing. Supporting. Making a Difference.

I am available for public speaking engagements to discuss mental health and well-being. I specialize in Men's mental well-being.
Other training options include:

On-Line Programs.

1 Day Workshop.

2.5 Day Boot Camp.

Life Coaching (MENtoring)
Resilience Training (Schools, Personal, Corporate)


Forest Hike

Life Coaching/Mentoring

Asking for help is your first step.

From there I will provide guidance & assist you to deal with your issues, overcome your fears and confront your challenges. 
We work together in a step by step process, providing tools along the way to assist you to cope on a daily basis. 
We can also discuss and help plan the next  phase of your life (as it will change significantly if you do the work).
Remember - Don't let your past affect your future.
Be the best you can be.
Only you can change your life (but we all need help).
It's time!

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Keynote Speaker

It's time to change the world...That's what I want to do.

I want to change the stigma around mental health.

I want to change societies expectations about Men

(& our behavior).

I want Men to remove their "ManMasks".
I want a world of Emotionally Strong Men who are Authentic, Respectful and Vulnerable.
I share my story from childhood to present day.

I will show that you can turn your life around,

from being emotionally broken to helping other. 
I hope my story will inspire and empower you and others to take the first step to healing.

News & Tips

A few bit of information to keep you up to date!

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Blogs & Vlogs

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Blogs & Vlogs

Check out my Blogs here...(I really appreciate the wonderful support and feedback). 


And Please check out my Vlogs. There is a whole series of them. 

Go the "The moMENtum Revolution" You Tube Channel and check them out. 


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Apart from speaking and providing insight into mental health issues, I have also developed a program for high school students.

This program is designed to assist with Personal Resilience.  
The program will provide the understanding of how and why we can act or re-act to certain events and circumstances.

It will also provide the tools on how to deal with these issues that can be used every day, for the rest of their lives. 
This is 

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I am available for corporate events and will tailor them as required.

I can do live or virtual presentations depending on your format.

You can contact me and discuss your options so we can come up the best plan and strategies to fulfill your goals and objectives.

But, please allow some time so you don't miss out.

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"You are not broken. You are breaking through!"

Alex Myles

Thought of the Month

Life Coaching/Mentor
Publice Speaking
Schedule a Time

Do you want to explore how I can help guide you to the next chapter of your life, overcome hurdles, break old behavioral patterns or want to grow and expand? Then contact me today so we can discuss if I can help and we are right for each other.

If you wish to have me as a guest speaker at your function, please contact me and I will arrange a time to discuss in more detail. 

Thanks for submitting!


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