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Brett has authored 2 books, both of which are very different. 
Check them out below.

'Soften the F#*k Up:
Being a Better Man in Today's World!'

The first, 'Soften the F#*k Up: Being a Better Man in Today's World', is an autobiography of his journey as a man in today's society. It is also a mini self-help book as well, where Brett includes some tools and exercises for those who want to dive deeper into self-improvement and personal growth. Though originally written for men, this book has also helped women on their journey, but also given them an insight into the men in their lives and how they may think and feel along their life's challenges. 

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Emerge Prog Cover 1 (8).png
Emerge Prog Cover 1 (8).png

'Emerge: Breaking through Life's
Challenges and Thriving Beyond.

This book is a self-help book. It is a full personal development workshop in a book. This is for those who want to dive deep, learn about themselves on a deeper level. To understand why they think, feel, behave and act the way the do. To learn and develop the skills, used the tools and exercises to help them heal, build resilience and grow.  

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