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Changing lives through motivation, education and innovation!

Dr. Brett Dellar (the 'Dr' is for Doctor of Chiropractic) appeared to have a normal childhood, raised ins a middle-class environment. All was not as it seemed, and Brett shares his profound and inspiring story of overcoming 30 years of depression, which was rooted in unresolved childhood trauma. His journey was further challenged by a failed relationship and a traumatic experience as a police officer, when he was involved in a siege.

For years, Brett believed that if he 'could just be stronger for a little longer', then he would overcome his mental and emotional struggles. Pretending he was 'Okay', masking his feelings of low self-worth, numbing his pain with alcohol, feeling like a fraud and a failure, and not liking who he was. It took a toll on Brett's relationships, business and work opportunities, and overall mental health and well-being. He continued to do the same thing for 30-plus years and expected different results. Nothing changed, in fact, they gradually worsened over the years.

However, at the age of 50, after one of his worst bouts of depression, Brett realized that this approach wasn’t working. Something had to change...and he realised he had to change what he was doing. Brett attended a transformative workshop that helped him understand himself better, regain his power, and take control of his life. This newfound energy fueled his passion for self-improvement, leading him to become a qualified life coach, author and public speaker.

Brett is dedicated to breaking the stigma around mental health, educating audiences on understanding mental and emotional challenges, and providing innovative solutions for overcoming them. His mission is to help others see things from a different perspective and tackle problems with a fresh approach...

...and that it is never too late!

Be inspired!
Be empowered!

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