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Monthly Motivational’s

Each month I wish to inspire you to become a better you. I will share various things and tips which have helped, inspired or motivated me along my journey. I sincerely hope they will help you, in some small way with your life’s path.


“Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A book that changes lives.” By Dan Millman.

Many lifetimes ago I was a Police Officer, and at the time of reading this a Detective. I was restless in my job after only a year or two. I shifted from station to station, then to detectives, in order to find “something better”. But I wasn’t know why I felt that way.

I then went on a weeks fishing holiday with some close mates and one of them gave me this book. I went back to work the following Monday and resigned. I had nothing else to go to or any idea what I wanted to do, so in hindsight it may have been a little rash.

But what this book did do, was make me realize there was more to this world than dealing with the negative aspects of life all the time (i.e. The assaults, burglaries, rapes, child molestation, murders etc.). So, I decided to take a different path…even though I didn’t know what path it was or where it may take me.

It definitely changed my life…for the better.


I recently saw “Bohemian Rhapsody” about the amazing band Queen. We can look back now and love the music and admire what they did. But we really don’t understand how they changed the music landscape.

It is a wonderful film full of sadness, love and of course…their music. I highly recommend you go see it on the big screen.

And for the first time in 30+ years I was in a movie where the audience clapped at the end. That gives you a hint on the impact of the movie.

A Watch Out: Mike Myers plays a small cameo as an EMI Executive. It took a while for me to recognize him. If you don’t know his association with the song “Bohemian Rhapsody”, do your research before the movie. Then wait for one of the most brilliant IRONIC lines in movie history. I laughed out loud (by myself). It was “GOLD”.


When it came to breakfast, I was always a cereal and toast guy. Over the last few years, because of the changes in the grains, I stay away from them totally (well, 98% of the time anyway).

I now have a green smoothie in the morning and it is much healthier and sustains me until lunch. It is a great way to get all the nutrients required to start the day. There are lots of recipes on the internet but, if you want it a little sweeter add a date or two. Or if you want it a little creamier, add a handful of cashews.

As far as the grains go, here are some interesting facts. An ancient grain of wheat (Einhorn) has 12 chromosomes. Modern wheat has 42 chromosomes. There is a lot of research out there that suggests eating wheat can cause your blood sugar to rise, increase the inflammation in your body or even make you feel hungry. (1)

So, do your research and see what is best for you and your family for your healthy future.


We will start with a simple one. GO AND EXERCISE. This was my go-to for nearly 30 years. Even when it is the last thing in the world you want to do…GO DO IT. It gets you’re endorphins pumping and helps improve your mood (not to mention the physical benefits).

Whether it is a walk, run, swim, team sport…whatever. Just go and do it. Remember it is for you…to become a better you.


I love my essential oils. Modern medicine is amazing for emergencies and miracles, but the day to day looking after my body…well let’s just say we have different philosophy’s.

I use and recommend “Young Living” oils because of the purity and stringent testing every oil is put through to ensure it is 100% pure without and additives or chemicals.

“Frankincense” is probably my favourite. It has so many benefits and I feel it has assisted me with my health, both physical & mental health, and is now part of my daily health regime.


One Word.

Kim. (see gratitude)


Massive gratitude for my wife, Kim. This has been a massive year for me with my awakening, understanding of me and growth, having dealt with my childhood challenges.

Thank you for your openness and honesty.

Thank you for your strength and courage.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for your support and being my rock for the past 12+ years.

Thank you for our love…


My hope is that we, as a society, embrace each other as brothers and sisters. For the second time this year, I spent 3.5 days last weekend on an intensive course just for men. It helped us overcome negative patterns and behaviors.

There were so many lessons that enabled us to become a man with true integrity, honesty and inner strength and self-worth.

This allowed us to become brothers in a way you rarely find in this world. It didn’t matter how much money you had, what job you had, your religious beliefs or sexual orientation. It was amazing to be a part of it, but also refreshing to see true humanity and brotherly love.

They have my back, and I have theirs.

“HO” Brothers!


With so many different challenges facing our children today, I recommend every parent check out what Maggie Dent has to say about raising children. She is called the “Queen of Common Sense”…and for good reason. I believe it is a must for all parents.

Check out her website at

If you want to go to one of her seminars, you have to book in IMMEDIATELY they are released as they sell out that fast.


I love the giving of presents and can’t wait to see the joy on the children’s faces filled with excitement and magic at Christmas. Spending time with family having a few drinks and laughs, helps celebrate the year that was.

But Boxing Day – its all about sitting in from of the TV, watching the Test Match, eating left overs and a really good, cold wheat beer. That day is for me.

  1. “Wheat Is The Perfect Chronic Poison (Hint: Stop Eating It)” : Susan Patterson

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