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It's Time - To Ask

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who watched my first video log last week. I had over 4000 views which, to be honest, blew my mind a little. I appreciate all the wonderful feedback and it really reinforced that my message and goals for men’s mental health are hitting the sweet spot. Please continue to share that video so as many men as possible can see it.

So, let’s talk about how I got here and how I am going to get to the next level. This is an important key to help which can help you reach your goals, deal with problems or overcome emotional issues. And it is a very simple answer…

I Asked.

And it is just that simple. Ask. There are several different aspects to asking though. Initially I have a loose vision as to where I want to end up – my final goal. I say “loose” because it will change and morph and adapt as the vision and goal get more clarity.

Then I put it out to the universe. I write down what I want. A great example of this was a great friend of mine wanted to work in a multiple discipline environment with a range of health practitioners, in a certain location, with females. I advised her to write it down. A week later she was meeting with a woman with the possibility of working in such an environment in the location she wanted.

But a few weeks later she decided it wasn’t what she really wanted. She wanted to buy a small practice, which she could build up, not to far from home. I told her to write it down. A couple of weeks later a very small clinic came onto the market, and 10-years later she still owns and runs that very successful clinic.

Both times she thought I was a little crazy, and was also a little freaked out when what she wanted came to being. It doesn’t always happen that fast, but it just shows you how powerful this can be. By putting it out to…or asking…the universe, it gives clarity and purpose.

I also like to throw in a time frame. I have mentioned this before, but I want to do a TED talk in the future. I have put it out there…I have asked the universe. But I have given myself a 10-year time frame, so I have until I am 60 to fulfill this goal.

I also tell people what my goals are. This isn’t asking, but it does provide a double prong reaction. Firstly, it makes me accountable. If I keep telling people about it then I must keep doing the work and set the plans into play to ensure I get there. Otherwise I feel that I would be a fraud. But a little side note here. If I change my goals or it morphs into something different, then I tell them that. Its not a failure, it is a change of direction.

The second thing it does, it gives people permission to help you get there. People love helping and some may just jump in and actually give you a physical hand. Others may offer some amazing advice or ideas on how to get there. Or they may suggest you speak to someone who has been down the same path or is successful in an area you require assistance. All of a sudden you are a couple more steps closer to your goal.

And of course, I just straight up ask for help. I have written to famous individuals and corporations. You would be surprised about some of the feedback you may get. But you can also get none at all. And if there is no response, then I am no worse off anyway.

I ask friends, family and colleagues. Apart from getting their support, you also open the avenue to other introductions and as a result of this, a world of options can open up in front of you. It can happen very quickly with experts and a variety of people there help you reach your goals.

People love helping people succeed. They want to feel they also are making a difference. By you being successful and reaching your goals, means they played a part in that, which also makes them successful as a result.

So, if you have a dream that you want to make a reality, or you just need help dealing with an issue, an emotion or just life itself, then…

“It’s time” to ask for help.

It is worth it.

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