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Monthly Motivational’s

Each month I wish to inspire you to become a better you. I will share various things and tips which have helped, inspired or motivated me along my journey. I sincerely hope they will assist you, in some small way with your life’s path.


I mentioned this book in one of my last blogs, but I believe in it so much I am going to throw it at you again. “The Compound Effect”, by Darren Hardy.

Approximately 2 years ago I read this book after it was recommended to me. The great thing about books is that you can highlight, tag and mark pieces that really stand out for you, so you can go back and re-enforce the message later.

The big take home message for me was:

  • To make a change in your life in a positive direction, you have to do something everyday (i.e. read a book, exercise, study, eat healthy etc.)

  • You won’t notice the BIG effects until approximately 24-31 months after you start, then there will be a massive change.

  • Then there is no turning back

Like everyone, I have a very busy life, so sitting down and reading a book is a luxury only reserved for holidays. So, I had to figure a way around it.

I downloaded my “Audible” app. I get a free book every month, or pay $15 for one. I have listed to 25 books in the last 2 years (approximately).

They have all been “self-help”, “Personal Growth” type books. Some of the books have been great, some not so. I take a little bit out of each one and some more than others. I make notes in a small notebook I carry around with me so I can reference it later.

By starting that journey 2 years ago, just by listening to books, thing have changed. In the last 2 years my life has taken a different path that I could never envision. And what a wonderful path to be on.


Being Christmas time some of the old favourites come up on TV. And “Love Actually” is probable my favourite (it just tips out “Die Hard”).

You have probably all seen it, but the concept is wonderfully beautiful. It shows that “love actually, is all around”.

The movie beautifully points out the different types of love that is in our daily lives, unconditional love, young love, troubled love, silent love, continental love, unexpected love, ageless love, healing love, unattainable love and unexplainable love.

All of these “loves” shows what really makes the world a more fulfilled place.


SUGAR – it is in almost in all your processed foods. GET RID OF SUGAR FROM YOUR DIET. Some argue that it is addictive (and there is research to suggest it), and having cut sugar out of my diet on numerous occasions, I know that if it isn’t an addiction, at least it is a habit and the body craves more.

I do relax my diet this time of the year, consciously, but I pay for it and will be back on the “Clean Wagon” in a couple of days. Because after all, life is TOO SHORT not to still enjoy yourself at times.

But it takes me 3 days to really stop craving it the sweet stuff. To totally break the habit and see a difference in the body, it takes 3 weeks. In February I cut out all alcohol, processed food, bread (which I rarely eat anyway) and anything that isn’t a fruit or vegetable or from an animal.

Join me in February for the “February Free of Nasties” month. It helps kick the year off in an amazing way.


Meditate. I do it every night and it helps me go to sleep, but I need to do it in the morning and that starts again tomorrow. I don’t do new year resolutions, but I am starting that again when I wake on new years day.

Meditation isn’t just a fad or something hippies or monks do. There has been lots of research into this and here are the health benefits:

  • Reduces stress

  • Controls anxiety

  • Promotes emotional health

  • Enhances self-awareness

  • Lengthens attention span

  • May reduce Age Related Memory Loss

  • Can generate kindness

  • May help fight addictions

  • Improves sleep

  • Helps control pain

  • Can decrease blood pressure

Go to:

This article details the research for each of the above mentioned benefits. (Note: The 12th one not listed above is – it can be done anywhere.)

I also believe it helps with creativity.

There are so many options our there with online courses and courses you can attend in person to teach you how to meditate. Ask around and find the one that best resonates with you. 10 minutes in the morning and night is all it takes.


As I get a little older, my body does get a few aches and pains. This is from years of sport including hockey, football (AFL) and cricket, not to mention all the dumb boy shit I’ve done as well.

So the oil I regularly use for my aches and pains is the blend of “Deep Relief”. This really does make a big difference when it comes to reducing the pain in the “old" joints.

Like I mentioned last month, this is in the “Young Living” range.


I love seeing the excitement in the children’s eyes and faces at Christmas. There is magic still present in their hearts and it transports us back to when we were children. This is my favourite part of Christmas

GRATITUDE – Bursting heart moment

Sorry for bringing up my wife Kim again, but we recently caught up with some old friends that we haven’t seen in a long time. Their 3 children are all in primary school and the oldest will start his last year there soon. Whilst I went to the bar, I looked back at Kim, chatting and engaging with the kids (who she only just met for the first time), laughing and connecting with them.

We have known for a long time we were never able to have children, but my realization and grieving process for that has only been a recent revelation. It was pointed out to me that I was a “spiritual father” to many.

Seeing Kim in that moment, made me realize that she is “The Spiritual Mother”.


My hope for 2019 is,

If you are lost, you find your path

If your heart is broken, it mends with love and openness

If your body is healing, you find the answer and it heals naturally and completely


Some people have never heard of a “TED Talk”. If you haven’t, do yourself a favour and check them out. “TED” stand for Technology, Entertainment, Design and has been going since 1990.

This is a platform for speakers to talk about new ideas, concepts and inventions etc. They are all on “You Tube” and they run for 18-20 minutes. There are some absolutely brilliant ones. I will share some of my favourites along the way.

My favourite of all time is Sir Ken Robinson. It also is the most watched TED talk of all-time. Insightful and witty, I love this amazing insight into the educational system, the examples he provides, his antidotes and especially how he connects with the audience through he presentation style.

Check it out!


"The best time to plant a seed was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW!" (Unknown)


Getting back to the gym and losing some of the Christmas pudding over the next month!!!

For every action the is a reaction, which means I must take action against the waistline reaction.

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