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Universal Ally

I am really not one for new years resolutions. But 2018 was HUGE for me and provided me with some challenges, insights and wonderful understanding of myself. So, 2019 look the F*#k out.

With my new found knowledge and understanding, I want to ensure that I fulfill my potential to the best of my ability. Prior to 2018 I was fulfilling it – sort of. I had so much baggage holding me back and absolutely no clarity to enable me to really grow to my capacity...which I didn't really understand at the time. Not so now.

I compare it with being a large plant in a small pot. The plant gets root bound, restricted, and though it is growing, only to the capacity of the pot. Once you are removed from that pot and the confinement is no longer holding you back...thats when you can really grow to YOUR FULL POTENTIAL. And that's what it has felt like for me. I am no longer restricted by a small pot.

As a result, I have a whole bunch of new challenges and goals I want to achieve. My energy and mental focus allows me to get this out of my head and onto paper. With the skills I learned in coach, I can now plan my goals, re-jig them, re-evaluate my priorities and set targets and time frames. These of course are short, medium and long term.

Though I am not a N.Y. resolutions guy, I believe in putting it out to the universe when you have a goal or dream. When I decided to go back to uni in my mid 30’s to study Chiropractic, I told everyone. This did 3 things. Firstly, it made me accountable and made me follow through in my conviction.

The second thing was it bought people into my life that helped me obtain my goal. There were negative Nellie's – and i just made sure that I didn't listen to them, and excluded them from that aspect of my life and I never discussed it with them. Saying that, 99% of the people were amazingly supportive.

By doing the first two, this helped build momentum, energy, belief and, as it turned out, the answers I required along the journey. In other words – it opened the doors I needed opening.

So, I thought I would share me short/mid-term goal and my long term goal with you. As you are aware I have a passion for Chiropractic and I love helping my patients on a daily basis. But I also have a new found passion for men’s mental health and I want to help continue the revolution to change the mindset of men and what a “Real Man” is.

My short/mid term goal is to provide a program for FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) workers to assist with them coping with mental health issues that arises from their work, living conditions and being away from their families. These workers are some of the most susceptible in our society to depression, anxiety and suicide. There needs to be changes made, so I thought I would help facilitate that.

I want to have an online course with the tools and resources available to them with just the click of a button. I then wish to have a half day course available to them, where we can start to challenge their old beliefs and help them step into a happier and healthier future. I want to achieve this in 8 months.

Along the way I want to continue public speaking on health and well-being, but even more so on mental health.

The long term goal I wish to share with you is to be invited, and do, a TED talk. I believe that would be my ultimate compliment as a leader and public speaker in my field. I have given myself 10 years to achieve this goal.

There are other things I wish to achieve which are personal, relationships, physical, my team and focus at Pinjarra Chiro and whole bunch of other stuff.

I really encourage you to do what Kim and I did. Take a day or half a day out at the start of the year. No phone, no TV, no distractions, and write down your goals. Prioritize them. Then most importantly plan them. Break it down into bit size pieces and ACHIEVABLE time frames.

Then put it out there and share it with the universe. You may be surprised how may doors will open up for you.

I have done this time and time again, and when you truly want it, believe in it, the doors will open. That universal power is an amazing ally to have on your side.

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