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Riding the Line of Life!

Do you ever find it funny how the same message, or sign, or some thing keeps showing up in your life. Last year as a part of my personal challenges and growth, one of the main messages was to stay “on centre”. It kept coming up time after time and it made me accountable for my thoughts and behaviour.

Being “on centre”, basically means that you do and say things with integrity and love whilst being genuine to yourself. If you’re “off centre”, then you are acting out of ego or some other emotion. When you are “off centre” your behaviour can be that of a tyrant or a bully, or submissive and small. It all depends on your history, your upbringing, your triggers, or any number of issues or challenges from your past.

For me, I was always the latter. I rarely stood up for myself.

Over the past month that same message has kept coming up in different forms. One when listening to a book – same message but different analogy. Then whilst at a chiropractic seminar, it was talked about how you “ride on the line”. I love this analogy as it can be adapted to so many aspects of life.

I believe one of our goals in life should be to be the best person we can be, at any given time. When we are at our best, we are “riding on the line”.

Just like when you ride a bike, you try and stay on the road line as best you can for as long as you can. If you don’t, it can be very dangerous. The problem is you will ride off that line occasionally. This can be from wind, traffic, lack of concentration, just about anything really. But the first instinct you have is to correct it and get back on that line, because that is the safest place to be and safest way to ride.

So with life, we should try to stay on that line of integrity, but with life, we occasionally get knocked off. Our first reaction should be to get back on that line. But due to bad patterns, bad behaviours and generally just not knowing what we are doing (or behaving) or how we’re doing it, we can’t always get back on that line.

It can affect us in many ways, our personal and professional relationships, our work and even our health, just to name a few. Getting back “on the line”, is a skill we have to learn. We have to keep practicing to make sure we stay on it for as long as possible.

Life is tough at times and is regularly a challenge, so we will get knocked off. We won’t always be the best we can be.

But the secret is, is to be aware that we have been knocked off the line. Once we train ourselves to see our own behaviour and reactions, and to know when we are off our line, only then it is much easier to know when and how to get back on it.

This means we have to be present, open, and sometimes brutally honest with ourselves. So it’s time NOW, to start having those tough conversations with yourself. If you don’t, you will never truly get to ride on that line of life.

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