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It's All Connected

I have just finished what I call "Feb Fast". For the month of February I don't anything but fruit, vegetables and meat. No processed food, no bread, cool drink, sports drinks, milk or alcohol. To be honest I don't eat a lot of this anyway, but it does tend to sneak back into your diet pretty easily.

And did I stick to that hundred percent? No I didn't. During the second last weekend I was in Queensland at a conference. Eating at local restaurants can be a challenge. Plus catching up with people and having a social drink was too much of a temptation for me not to indulge in 4 glasses of red wine in 3 nights.

But being flexible and allowing myself to have a glass of wine over a meal, really allowed me to enjoy it and the company. Because I didn't beat myself up about it, allowed me to just accept it and really enjoy those nights. In the past I would have given myself a real mental lashing.

I just accepted it for what it was and moved on. That was freedom for me...from me.

Am I continuing on with this health kick? Yes I am. But I'm also treating myself to a wine with friends and having a great chocolate birthday cake for a mates celebrations.

What I have noticed over the month once you get over the cravings, is that the food you eat, what you drink, and how you treat your body really does affect your mental and emotional well-being. Being clean and healthy over the past month has really magnified the benefits of those healthy choices.

It gives your body the opportunity to reset from the toxins and nasties in your food and not so healthy drinks. It enables the body to function to the best of its ability. Having just come off a night where I had a couple of wines and a chocolate cake, and two weeks of intense work and travel, I hit the wall pretty hard yesterday. Even today I have been physically sluggish, though reasonably motivated mentally.

Taking the time yesterday and somewhat today to let the body recharge helps regain the motivation and enthusiasm. Eating clean food and drinking water allows the body to invigorate itself.

It really is all connected. What you eat, what you drink, what you think, how you act. And what you eat and drink can really affect everything else. What you say yourself, or your "self talk", can be significantly affected by the food you eat. At least that was what I found for me. Bad food and alcohol (and sugar), can leave me flat and the negative talk can creep up very quickly.

So if you want to challenge yourself and see how your body, mind and emotions are affected by what you eat, then do a monthly fast with just clean foods. See how it affects you and your body and the emotional aspects of your life. It is worth it. Let me know how you go.

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